36 Ways to Reduce Stress in Less Than 6 Minutes

36 Ways to Reduce Stress in Less Than 6 Minutes

In this detailed article, we have collated the most effective and beneficial techniques that can help you relax, and we’ve curated this into 36 ways to reduce stress just for you.

These techniques are in no specific order, so read through the whole list, choose a few that you resonate with, and try them out. Soon you will be relaxing in no time at all!

Drink Green Tea

Do not get bogged down & get depressed. Instead try a cup of herbal green tea. You know that green tea is a great source of L-Theanine. It is actually a chemical that helps in relieving anger. You can make a great green tea easily by boiling the water and then pouring some fresh green leaves in it. This is why it is on my list of ways to reduce stress in less than six minutes.

Eat Dark Chocolate

Not many knows that dark chocolate is extremely helpful in regulating levels of the stress hormone called cortisol. All you have to do is to eat 1.4 ounces of the dark chocolate every day and it’s going to calm your nerves like never before.

Do Meditation

Meditation has to be my most favorite of these ways to reduce stress in no time at all. To get into stress-free mode, all you have to do is to meditate. Meditating for about five minutes in twenty-four hours will reduce your stress and depression very quickly. All you have to do is to find the most comfortable spot and concentrate on your breathing.

Dance to your favorite music

Dancing readily helps in fight against stress and make you happy. Dancing angrily can also let out the locked stream. So don’t feel shy. Just dance on the random tune randomly and see a positive change in yourself.

Count Backwards

Counting backwards is also a measure against the growing anxiety and depression. Just keep counting backwards from 10-0. In turn, your mind will divert itself from current worries and stress to the issue of helping you concentrate in counting backwards.

Creatively Visualize

Thinking creative situations or imagining things right in the middle of tension; is the best way to relieve your stress immediately. It is an instant remedy against bad mood or angry situation.

Close your eyelids

Whenever you feel stress on your eye-lids; then it is time to close them down. So, closing your eyes will take your mind off current situation & will help you calm down slowly.

Smell the Citrus

It is also a proven remedy against the stress. The smell of citrus can actually help you relax as it increases the levels of stress-free related hormone called norepinephrine. This is one of the more stranger ways to reduce stress, but it works!

Do Yoga

Yoga is one of the best possible ways to reduce stress in less time. Yoga also often contributes in lowering your stress. All you have to do is to put your feet up against the wall. Give your body what it deserves so that your body can give you what you deserves. Relaxation.

Take some Deep Breaths

The easiest way to relax yourself is by taking deep breaths. It has been proven scientifically that taking deep & slower breaths help lower your blood pressure along with the heart rate. This is why it is on my list of ways to reduce stress in less than six minutes.

Do some stretches

If you are feeling stress on your body, then just stand up and stretch your body by stretching your arms above your head. This will take away the stress from your body. There are plenty of stretching exercises online to choose from.

Try Acupressure

This technique of acupressure is very good for people struggling with stress in the offices. Acupressure is actually a kind of therapy which helps you in balancing the circulation of fluids and energies inside your body. All you have to do is massage the soft area between the thumb and index finger via thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Using lavender oil on the palms is also recommended.

Squeezing a Stress Ball

You need to have a stress ball which you can squeeze at your will. It is especially recommended for those times when you really want to punch someone in the face. This will channelize your negative energy into muscular exercise of your arms. This is why it is on my list of ways to reduce stress in less than six minutes.

A Spoon of Honey

It is not only a natural skin moisturizer and an antibiotic; but it also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the brain. It means that it helps the brain to fight against depression as well as anxiety. So you can reduce your stress easily by eating 1 tablespoon of honey daily.

Splash some Cold Water

Whenever stress occurs; all you have to do is to run your bathroom and put some cold water on to your wrists and the back of your earlobes. This in turn will calm your whole body down. It is because of the presence of major arteries at those locations.

Repeatedly Brush Hair

Another way to release your stress is by brushing your hair repeatedly. Any activity that involves repetition consistently; diverts your mind and make itself focus harder on the repetitive task. It is because mind than consistently thinks about why to repeat this motion again and again. So it has less time to think of current situation.

Get Some Time Alone

It is not necessary that you require a cabin in the woods. To release the stress, all you have to do, is to spend some quality time with yourself – alone. It could be a walk around the block, a nap in your chair or just a coffee at the local shop.

Create your Own Zone

It is recommended that you make the space in your house. And marked it as your hidden place where you can go shout out loud or stay quiet and hidden for the world for at least 5 minutes a day. This will not only release your stress but will also clear your head from the negativity around you.

Get some Sunshine

Absorbing some sunshine outdoors is one of my favorite ways to reduce stress in less time. Go to the window and see if the sun is out. If the sun is shining brightly, then you go outside and soak it in. Researchers have shown that bright lights positively affects the human psyche.

Munch Healthy Snacks

We all have munched snacks at least once in our life. But one recent study has found out that munching a snack daily will help reduce stress and anxiety among adults by 35%. So there is no harm in eating one candy bar daily to help you fight against the stress and anxiety.

Look out your Window

When stressed, then do not go for the TV remote. Instead go and look out of the window and watch the park, the running cars and the trees. This will help lift your mood up. This is why it is on my list of ways to reduce stress in less than six minutes.

Organize your space

When you are stressed about office work, then the best way to counter it is start organizing your desk immediately. Taking 5 minutes out for re-organizing your desk can greatly reduce the office stress.

Run Around

For some people running away from stress is quite difficult. But if you run around the place for a little while then you can lower your stress levels. So the need for two minutes running is as important as having breakfast in the morning.

Laugh deeply

Try out some laughter therapy when angry or upset. It results in increased blood flow and improves your immunity.

Share with a friend

Happiness is doubled when shared, and sadness is cut in half when shared. Same mojo applies here. Whenever you are extremely disturbed and unhappy; then go and talk to your friends. It will make you lighter and happier on your way back home.

Go for a walk

Whenever you wake up and find yourself swimming in negativity; then your best bet to get away from stress is to go out for a small walk. With this activity, you will get alone time as well as some physical activity to go along with your re-gathered thoughts.

Do Progressive Relaxation

This method is commonly used by the actors and actresses, as a very effective way to relax. This method involves this cycle of squeeze>>release>>repeat methodology. Here, you squeeze-tense any one muscle of your body and then you release-relax it. Then you repeat this process for 5 minutes. As a result of it, your body will achieve a state of calmness.

Have a daily diary

It is a good habit to keep a daily diary. Papers have been known to absorb our feelings. Be they good or bad. So at the end of the stressful day, just write few sentences in your diary. And by the end of it; you will fall for a good night sleep. This is why it occupies the #29 position in the quest for “36 Ways to Reduce Stress in Less Than 6 Minutes”.

Listen to music

Listening to favorite songs also helps reduce your stress. In fact if you listen to good positive songs; then your bad day can turn into a good one in time.

Get a hand massage

If nothing calms you down, then giving yourself a hand massage is the best way to release your stress. It is especially recommended for those people who will spend a lot of time on their laptops and mobile. To further complement it, you can use some lotion to smooth out the skin. This will help in regulating your blood pressure which will ultimately help in reducing stress.

Smell the Flowers

It is always a good practice to have some fresh flowers on your desk or at your home. Scientific research has proven that certain orders can change our mood and make us relax -especially sunflowers or roses.

Cuddle Up with your Pet

Struggling with social rejection or having low self-esteem? Then all you have to do is to cuddle up with your pet.

Go on a Vacation

So you can’t do this in six minutes, but maybe you should go for a vacation when all else fails. If you are a nature lover, then go to the greenest of areas and if you are a wave lover; then go to the open ocean and swim there. When you come back, you will be 100% lighter and happier.

Go for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of the many ways to reduce stress in less time. All you have to do is to drip some lavender, rose, or any other essential oil into your palm and inhale. In this manner, your smell receptors are going to get stimulated which under will help regulate your emotions.

Sniff Coffee

Smell the coffee or latte as soon as you feel stress. Its aroma will take your mind off the current matters temporarily. This is why it occupies a position on my “36 Ways to Reduce Stress in Less Than 6 Minutes” list.

Use Cushion or a Pillow

Sometimes we do not have the luxury of taking long naps. In such situations, your best bet to relax yourself quickly, is to get a cushion or a pillow. All you have to do is to lay your head down for five minutes and imagine that this cushion is actually a sponge that is going to suck up all your worries and tensions.