Male skin health

4 Steps to Better Male Skin Health

Over the last decade or so, male skin health has become a focus for many skin care manufacturers and men themselves. It is no longer considered just a woman’s thing, to look after your grooming.

Here are four tips to help improve your male skin health.

Stay out of the sun

Damage from the sun means skin gets dried, burnt and ages earlier. Where possible, keep out of direct sun.

Always wear a high quality sunscreen, cover your arms with sleeves, and you should always wear a broad-rimmed hat whenever you are outdoors.

Wash your face twice daily

Washing your face with water is a great way to cleanse the surface. Using a good quality facial wash is even better.

While body care products for women have always been on shelves, more recently manufacturers have introduced essential body care products for men as well. Men do need to take extra care of their skin because their skin is harsh and rough as compared to women.

If someone tells you that by being a man that it’s a crime to pamper your body then just ignore them, they are stuck in their old school ways. We like to all dress well, and skin care is the same.

Pamper your skin with a good quality lotion

Body lotion can be an answer to your skin problems. Just after taking a shower and towel dry, soak your skin into the goodness of natural moisturizing lotion and massage well. It will help in enhancing blood circulation and give you more youthful, glowing, and smooth skin. There is nothing wrong if a man enjoys his soft skin. You will feel better than others and ultimately, it will boost your confidence.

Some men don’t like feminine aroma of a body lotion. There are certain brands providing a complete range of skin care for men. You can try body lotion and moisturizer of those brands as they have used masculine perfumes.

Things to look into any body lotion

  •         Rich concentration of antioxidants
  •         Contain no parabens
  •         Contain SPF (ideally over 20)
  •         Essential oils and natural oils

Tips to figure out the best suitable body lotion

Determine your skin type. You can use a tissue on your skin after 3-4 hours of taking shower. If you see oils on it then you have oily skin, but if the paper seems dull and bit cracked, that means you have dry skin.

Many brands label their products with “for dry skin to normal skin” and “for oily skin.” You can easily select the suitable one.

Do not buy chemical based products that could harm or damage your skin. The men skin seems harsh but gets damage under sunlight, and high and low temperature.

Herbal care products are always best to buy because they don’t cause allergy or side effects. These products work slowly, but definitely.

Quit smoking

Smoking is really bad for your health, and just as bad for your skin. People who smoke regularly often look older than their non-smoking counterparts. That, and it smells bad!

As an ex-smoker, I know this can be quite a challenge, however the health benefits and money savings will prove what a great decision it is to quit. Your future self will thank yourself, I assure you.


Following these four steps will help make your male skin health be the best it can be. Find the right daily skin routine for yourself, and embrace it. You’ll feel and look better in no time at all!