Shoe care tips

4 Shoe Care Tips to Ensure Your Shoes Last Longer

If you’re not taking care of your shoes, you’re basically throwing your money away. There’s no point in buying nice shoes at all, unless of course you’re one of those people who owns their own jet, or lives on their private island.

Assuming you don’t have money to burn, taking care of your shoes is a very good move. In this article, I’m going to share five ways to make your shoes last way longer.

Shoe care tip 1: buy quality

The most obvious of all shoe care tips, is if you want your shoes to last, is start by buying high quality shoes.

They’re going to be more expensive, however they are going to last you longer. You’ll be a lot more motivated to take care of them, and the leather is going to be higher quality full grain or top grain leather.

Having quality shoes with stitched leather soles usually that means you can have them resoled if required, which is like a whole new life for your shoes. Assuming, if course, that you’ve been taking care of the uppers.

Tip number two; always use shoehorns

You may not actually be aware, however the the way you put your shoes on and off can also cause significant damage to them.

Never grab the inside back of the shoe to take it off proper way to take your shoe off is to first make sure the laces are completely on lace so that there’s no resistance to taking your shoe off and then to grab the shoe by the bottom and then grab the heel and then pull directly off and over time this is really going to help you avoid unnecessary wear on your shoe.

If your shoes are a little tight, then you will definitely want to use a shoehorn when you put them on. If you don’t, you wear out the inside back of your shoe over time. The great thing about shoehorns is you can use them also if you have trouble bending over or trouble reaching your shoes. Simply put the shoehorn in the inside of the back of the shoe and gently guide your heel into your shoe.

Some high quality shoe brands have been known to provide a shoehorn with their shoes, but if you don’t have one you can buy them at all good shoe stores.

Tip number 3; shine your shoes regularly

How often to shine your shoes depends on how often you wear them. If you wear your shoes every day, then you should probably polish them weekly. If you should wear your shoes only occasionally, then every 3-6 months is fine.

Here’s a quick refresher on to shine your shoes. Set down a newspaper or an old towel so that you don’t get mess everywhere. Then remove the laces. Put a shoe tree in your shoe or some watered up newspaper to help hold the shape of the shoe.

Then take a clean cloth or brush, and try to get off any loose dirt that might be on the shoe. Next, apply some shoe polish to the shoe, and let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Now take a shoe brush and then gently brush the outside of the shoe. The purpose of this is to use the friction and heat from the brushing to help evenly distribute the polish so that it gets into all those crevices and evenly smoothes out over the shoe.

Finally, once you’ve brushed the shoe you can take a soft cloth and really just polish it all over. Then you want to evenly dab a few drops of water on the shoe and polish those areas where you have smooth leather like the toe and the heel.

Shoe care tip four; dust bags are great

Dust bags are basically what they sound like; cloth bags that you can put your shoe in to keep the dust off. Dust bags also protect your shoes from scrapes and scuffs they might get by being jostled about in your closet, if there are your other shoes or items.

Dust bags are great if your shoes are in a sunlit environment, and you’re worried about the leather fading. They are also perfect for travel too; I don’t like the idea that dirty soles of my shoes rubbing up against my clean clothes or scratched from belt buckles or zippers.

Always ensure the dust bags are breathable because if you use a synthetic material or a plastic bag that doesn’t breathe, they will trap the moisture in with the shoe, and over time be worse for the shoe.

A great DIY trick is to just use old pillowcases and you tie a little bit of string around the end, and you got yourself a dust bag.