Top 9 cheeses of the world

The Top Nine Cheeses of the World and How They Taste

Cheese is one the widely used food in the world. Be it your favorite pizza  or pasta. It’s a must-have on the list of ingredients.

But do you know how many types of cheese are there across the globe? Well, the number of different types of cheese is literally in the hundreds. Yes you heard it right. Why so many types? Well, the texture and types of the cheese change, because of types of milk used for making it and the process used to prepare it.

Sources of milk such as cow’s milk, goats milk or sheep’s milk, will determine the texture and chase of the cheese. Moreover different countries have different authentic ways of making cheese.

We will see what are the types of cheese that we must know.

The top 9 types of cheeses

Monterey Jack originates from California. It’s quite a popular cheese in various cuisines, also known as Jackskies. Mostly aged for around a month’s time, it has the mild flavor and it melts very easily.

Kefalotyri cheese is a hard, salty white cheese made from sheep milk or goat’s milk (or both) in Greece and Cyprus. It is sometimes sold outside Greece and Cyprus as Kefalotyri. Apart from Greek salads, it’s also commonly used in pastries and pies. It is a good source of vitamin A, calcium, zinc and vitamin B.

Swiss cheese, like the name suggests, its origin country is Switzerland. It’s medium hard and texture. It has holes which makes it stand out from other cheeses. The bacteria used for preparing the cheese is responsible for the holes. Swiss cheese is a good source of calcium, Vitamin b12 and has lesser calories compared to other cheeses. Swiss cheese has a savory taste and sweet salty.

Gouda cheese is a famous cheese from the Netherlands. Now popular worldwide, Jahoda is made from cow’s milk. Like much other cheese, it can be matured from four weeks to a year. The more mature, the better it tastes. Smoked gouda cheese is popular.

Gruyere cheese is all the way from Germany. Slightly similar to Swiss cheese, Gruyere melts very finely and is commonly aged for a minimum of 5 months to a year. It is hard in texture and slightly yellow in color. Slightly sweet and salty to taste. Also used in various pasta and soups.

Brie cheese comes from France. It’s made of cow’s milk, It has a soft texture unlike other cheeses. It is not aged, because it can create molds in it and can smell bad. It’s a good source of protein and vitamin b12. It’s eaten for breakfast with grapes and berries.

Parmesan cheese, it has origin from Italy. Generally made from cow’s milk, it is aged for almost one year to three years. Parmesan has a hard and granular texture to it. Popularly called as king of cheeses. Commonly it is put in a grated form of risottos, pasta and soups.

Sharp cheddar cheese is a style of cheese that is produced in many countries across the globe. We may have heard about cheddar cheese however did you know it comes in three types? There is mild, tasty and extra sharp. Sharp is acidic. Extra sharp being more acidic than mild, and tasty is commonly known as New York style cheddar. Used commonly in cheese dips and pies.

Mozzarella cheese. No wonder this cheese ranks as the most popular cheese in the world. Its country of origin is Italy. It’s common in our favorite Italian dishes like pizzas and pastas.  We love this cheese in our pizzas and pasta. It is commonly prepared with Buffalo’s milk while other milk variants are also popular, it’s semi soft and texture and Total fat content is 22%.