Write for Us

Write for us

Interested in writing an article or opinion piece for us?

Fantastic! We love having new contributors joining our team.

Our primary goal is to deliver high quality content for cultured humans. What we mean is we want to make people think. No puffy garbage here. Have an opinion and stick to it.

What we offer

We’ll give you exposure and promote your article on our social media platforms.

We’ll also allow a 30 word bio, replete with one dofollow link to your website or social media

We’ll also allow two dofollow links in the article body. These must be related and add value to the article. Writing about software, and including a random link to an organic farming course in the middle won’t fly with us.

What we expect

The following guidelines have been written to help you get your pitch approved. We want this to be a great relationship, where you wish to continue to write for us.

What topics are we after?

Let’s go over what we are looking for, so you don’t end up wasting your time.

We want articles about design, business, entrepreneurship, social media, software, freelancing, UX, themes, blogging and other related topics.

Remember to include at least two links to other published articles on our site.

Before you send your article over, have a friend or colleague edit it. We expect content that is ready to be published right away.

Poorly written articles will be rejected. We won’t bother emailing you back.

Be concise as possible. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

The article must be at least 700+ words. We’re not interested in short length articles that don’t have any substance.

If you don’t follow the tips above, we’ll just reply with a nope. Seems harsh, but saves both of us time.

Ready to submit?

Email your article draft as Google Doc or Word, to the following email, with “customblogs.com” in the subject line: