Travel guide to Monterrey

Your Guide to City of the Mountains: Monterray, Mexico

The surrounding spectacular natural environment has earned it the name City of the Mountains. But its atmosphere and urban planning gives Monterrey a very American spirit.

Monterrey, Mexico’s third largest city, is an amazing city of contrasts. Start your tour of Monterrey at the Macroplaza. Not far from the city centre, the fourth largest square in the world is more than 40 hectares and contains no less than a dozen museums and monuments.

Start with the Catedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Senora which took 150 years to build. Its exterior decoration, as well as its works of art from the colonial era, are well worth a look. Next door is the MARCO Museum, which houses eleven galleries of contemporary art and a beautiful sculpture garden.

In the heart of Monterrey, you’ll find the Paseo Santa Lucia. This well-appointed promenade, stretches out for 2.5 kilometres, is a great way to enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains surrounding the city.

The numerous restaurants on the quays are a nice place to take a break and take a boat cruise along the canal.

The modern heart of Monterrey is located in Parque Fundidora. Covering more than 140 hectares, this innovative public park brings together cultural, industrial and sporting activities. It’s also a business centre. The Horno 3 Steel Museum can be found here, too. In a former steel processing mill, this museum recalls the history of the region in the metal industry. You can also enjoy the many green spaces, exhibitions at the Arts Centre, or concerts at the Auditorio Banamex.

Monterrey is surrounded by mountains and exceptional nature. The Cerro del Obispado offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city. Here, you can also see the Obispado, the palace from the late 18th century, where the bandit Pancho Villa would have taken shelter.

Monterrey National Park lets you discover canyons, waterfalls and caves, with mountains that can reach up to 2100 metres high.

Since its creation in 1956, Monterrey has managed to preserve its natural cultural heritage, while developing its industrial activity, like with the Fundidora Park. Having greatly developed its tourist activities, it’s becoming Mexico’s new must-see destination.