Guide to Prague

Your Travel Guide to the Enchanting City of Prague

In Prague, a magical atmosphere reigns. In the capital of the Czech Republic, the skies are populated with thousands of steeples and the houses are locked in an eternal dance. For over a millennium, this city has exuded a delicate architectural alchemy and has built up a cultural mosaic from all over Europe.

Caressed by the waters of the Vltava, the city is lulled by a soundtrack of classical music, as you will find out during your stay in Prague. From the old city and its maze of narrow streets to Prague Castle, the emblem of the city, Prague is a cultural symphony that can hold its head up high among the other European capitals.

A trip to Prague can sometimes feel Kafkaesque. All types of architecture – all genres – come together. Art Nouveau, Cubism and Renaissance form an unlikely family. You can explore the delicate lines of the Municipal House, the Surrealist curves of the Caza Danzante or the Cubist forms of the House of the Black Madonna.

This cultural diversity is not limited to architecture. Prague is a city of great taste. The city’s cafés and breweries are an invitation to sample the famous Czech beers. And if the mood takes you, you can explore Prague’s nightlife in the up and coming suburbs of Vinohrady and Zizkov, a playground for the city’s youth and avant-garde.

Sample the bohemian magic and explore the romantic side of Prague. From the Old Town Square you can admire the polychrome facades of the townhouses. On your trip to Prague, take a few minutes to admire the mechanism of the astronomical clock. The St. Vitus Cathedral, the construction of which began in 1344 and was completed in 1929 is another famous symbol of this city where time seems to have stopped.

The Charles Bridge, which has witnessed much of the history of Prague, connects the old town district with the Malá Stana (Little Quarter), a small middle-class neighbourhood with a profusion of Baroque-influenced palaces and churches.

On your trip to Prague, take a step back in time and stroll through the oldest part of the city: the Jewish Quarter. Visit the Jewish Museum and the Jewish cemetery, the resting place of some of the most illustrious characters in history, and you will discover the roots of Prague’s Jewish culture.

Romantic, mysterious or magical, whatever elements attract you,